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At Best Yoga Studios, we pride ourselves on offering our students the best, the cleanest, and the freshest hot yoga room environment. Our state-of-the-art, commercial grade HVAC/Humidifier system is specifically designed to efficiently cycle fresh, purified air throughout the yoga room. The “used” air supply is continually drawn out of the yoga room, mixed with a small percentage of fresh outside air, then sanitized by bands of UV lights and routed directly back into the yoga room. The UV light sterilization kills mold, odor, bacteria, and other organic compounds similar to the sterilization found in hospital operating rooms. Our unique HVAC system consistently provides fresh, clean air throughout the duration of each and every class. After class, two large exhaust fans are turned on to evacuate the heat and moisture from the room, allowing new, fresh, sanitized air into the yoga room for the next class.

Our yoga room flooring is made of Forbo Flotex, an antimicrobial, antibacterial, nylon flocked pile so dirt is easily removed and doesn’t get trapped like it does with the loops and twists of carpet or other types of flooring. The nylon pile and backing are treated and sanitized with an antimicrobial agent, offering protection against bacteria, including MRSA, and E-Coli.

We have and will continue to foster an environment in which you feel safe. If you are coughing, sneezing, or have flu like symptoms, please avoid the studio until your symptoms have passed.

Most of you have realized the healing magic that takes place in our studio and in our classes, and I encourage you to keep practicing.

Love always,

Wendy xo

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